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Devin Booker trolls Blake Griffin with the MJ shrug | Nets at Suns [VIDEO]


Devin Booker trolls Blake Griffin with the MJ shrug | Nets at Suns [VIDEO]

Devin Booker trolls Blake Griffin with MJ shrug

Through his career, Devin Booker was never doubted, when it came to his ability to play. But, when it came to winning, D-Book didn’t do much of it. The epitome of this criticism came when Booker scored 70 points in a blowout loss against Boston. This began to change, during the 2020 bubble, when the Suns made it in. Booker’s Suns began to win and they only narrowly missed the playoffs. Last season, the Suns and the Jazz battled for the NBA’s best record.

Devin Booker finally got veteran help in the form of Chris Paul. This duo did what Paul’s previous duos with David West, Blake Griffin, and James Harden couldn’t. Chris Paul, alongside Devin Booker, went to the NBA Finals. While they fell short of the championship, losing to Giannis’ Bucks, they were literally halfway there to a title. The Suns have seized the moment and overtaken the Golden State Warriors for the NBA’s best record, this season.

Last night, the Suns played the Brooklyn Nets on TNT. Devin Booker always shows up in the big games, for the big moments. Playing a team slated to be a title contender, this game could be a preview of the Finals. Devin Booker played that way, scoring on Blake Griffin, and MJ shrugging afterwards.

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