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Denzel Curry – “Walkin'” [VIDEO]


Denzel Curry – “Walkin'” [VIDEO]

Denzel Curry delivers Walkin’ music video

In Miami, Denzel Curry is one of a few stars that are doing their thing. It was 2016 when Denzel Curry established himself as a star. There were a few artists to emerge from Florida, during that period of time, and Denzel Curry saw himself rise. In the years since then, others have come and gone, but Curry remains in his lane.

Denzel Curry goes all out with his music videos. The Miami rapper believes in delivering the highest of quality with his work. Curry aims to make sure that each of his videos presents like a movie. As he returned with his newest single, Denzel Curry wanted to give his fans another movie. Currently, he is promoting his single, “Walkin,'” to the masses.

This week, Denzel Curry dropped the “Walkin'” music video, and he has a lot of fanfare. At one point, Curry said he was done with music, and wanted to become a teacher, but it looks like his mind has changed. Denzel Curry is still making music and still making moves. The word used to describe the “Walkin'” music video is “cinematic,” as Denzel Curry comes with the quality.

Denzel Curry delivers Walkin’ music video

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