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Cootie ft. Big Scarr – “Trap Out Da Spot” [VIDEO]


Cootie ft. Big Scarr – “Trap Out Da Spot” [VIDEO]

Cootie and Big Scarr Trap Out Da Spot in new video

Last year, Cootie ended up achieving much viral success. Many believed Cootie was a viral sensation, which he is, but this was the goal. When Gucci Mane revived his 1017 label, he went after artists that he felt had the potential to be the next big thing. Among his wave of signings was Cootie, who wasted no time taking over the internet.

Cootie is a native of Philadelphia, a city which has enjoyed much success, in hip hop, over the past ten years. A strong number of the biggest rappers emerged from the city, from 2011 through 2021. Last year, Cootie was one of those rappers emerging. While he has shown that he can have viral success, he has yet to prove he can truly be a star.

Launching 2022, Cootie started the year with the release of a new single. He released the single, “Trap Out Da Spot,” which features Big Scarr. Alongside Cootie, Big Scarr is one of the newer artist signed to the new 1017 Eskimo label. The label-mates came together to offer this new single and the accompanying music video.

Cootie and Big Scarr Trap Out Da Spot in new video

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