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Coi Leray – “Anxiety” [VIDEO]


Coi Leray – “Anxiety” [VIDEO]

Coi Leray returns with Anxiety music video

In 2021, Coi Leray was one of the biggest breakthrough artists in the game. Coi Leray proved she could deliver hit records. While many have said Coi Leray is an overnight sensation, she already had four years in the game. Last year, Coi Leray had breakthrough success, but she’s really only scratching the surface. As popular as she is, Coi Leray has the potential to be one of the biggest artists in the game.

Coi Leray is going through the pressures of fame, however. Yesterday, Coi Leray vented on Twitter that she is taking some time off. She made other concerning comments, but Coi Leray is one of the most promising younger artists in the game. Before Coi Leray made her comments about going on a hiatus, she released new music.

Last week, Coi Leray dropped a music video for one of her singles. Using her music as her venting, Coi Leray has her song, “Anxiety,” that’s already out. However, last week, Coi Leray dropped the official “Anxiety” music video. Not even a week later, Coi Leray already has 1.2 million views on her latest music video.

Coi Leray returns with Anxiety music video

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