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Christina Aguilera and Ozuna – “Santo” [VIDEO]


Christina Aguilera and Ozuna – “Santo” [VIDEO]

Christina Aguilera taps Ozuna for Santo video

One of the greatest voices in all of music, Christina Aguilera has dabbled in several genres. She has done a little R&B, a lot of pop, and she’s done Latin. However, as a Latino, everything she does adds to her culture and her heritage. As talented as Christina is, she has done everyone proud who has ever known her.

Within the hip hop world, Christina Aguilera has collaborations with Lil’ Kim, Nelly, and Diddy. Each of those collaborations became number one hits. Decades later, each collaboration has gone onto be regarded as a classic. That says a lot about Christina Aguilera, who is now in her third decade in the music industry.

In her own right, Christina Aguilera is a legend. She has put in work with many of music’s biggest names. Early in her career, she sidestepped the Britney Spears comparisons. There was a time when the media wanted to make that a thing. Instead, Christina did her own thing, and made hits. Christina Aguilera recruited Ozuna for “Santo,” her latest single. The two dropped the “Santo” music video this week and it has 2.3 million views.

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