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Boslen and Dro Kenji – “Nightfall” [VIDEO]


Boslen and Dro Kenji – “Nightfall” [VIDEO]

Boslen releases Nightfall video as final video from debut album

Nothing is typical about Boslen, he bends genres, and he’s a nontraditional West Coast artist. Definitely, he’s from the West Coast, but Boslen is from Vancouver. This means he is from the West Coast of Canada, which is definitely different from the norm. Boslen showed just how different he was, when he dropped DUSK to DAWNhis debut album.

Boslen delivered his debut album, DUSK to DAWN, via Chaos Club Digital/Capitol Records, last year. The album was met with positive reviews. Honestly, as a critic of music, it is harder to rate music, as it no longer fits into the categories that hip hop critics have tried to place them. Music is going back to its original form, which is pure art. Add to that, everybody has an opinion of their own, so they either like the music, or they don’t.

With Boslen, it’s clear that there are a large number of people who love and support his music. As he has released DUSK to DAWN, Boslen has experienced a lot of success. Several songs off the album, Boslen has released as singles. The latest one comes in the form of “Nightfall,” which he shares with Dro Kenji.

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