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B-Lovee – “Feliz Navidad” [VIDEO]


B-Lovee – “Feliz Navidad” [VIDEO]

B-Lovee is another rising artist who received major looks, in 2021. The NYC rapper has made a huge impact on the game. Within the hip hop world, it’s looking good for the birthplace for the first time in a long time. Back in 2016, there were a ton of rappers emerging from New York City, but only a few of them had staying power.

This year saw a lot of NYC rappers rise to prominence. B-Lovee ended up seeing a huge growth in his popularity, his followers, and his views. Definitely, he had a lot to be thankful for, and he decided to give back to his fans. With the holiday season in full swing, B-Lovee gave a holiday-themed record to the people.

B-Lovee definitely had a great Christmas and he wanted the same for everyone else. He jumped on one of the most-popular holiday songs of all-time. Rather, B-Lovee borrowed the title for a single of his own, which he gave to the people. The NYC rapper returned with his own rendition of “Feliz Navidad,” for the 2021 celebration, and also came with the video.

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