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Adele – “Oh My God” [VIDEO]


Adele – “Oh My God” [VIDEO]

Adele does 1.1 million views in an hour with Oh My God video

Last year, Adele released her album, 30, to much fanfare. She is one of the biggest names in pop music and she isn’t slowing down. Like many pop artists, Adele has much hip hop appeal, and it hasn’t just started. When she released “Hello,” that single ended up becoming a song loved in the hip hop community. Several rappers came with remixes of the song.

In her music video, Adele had Mack Wilds featured. There isn’t anything much more hip hop than he is and he is always involved in something. Last year, before she went into album mode, Adele was spotted with Rich Paul, at the NBA Finals. During Game 2, of the Suns/Bucks series, they stole the show, as rumors began of the two dating.

Adele not only confirmed dating Rich Paul, they are now a popular couple. Not long after their appearance, Adele announced her album, 30. Similar to all of her other music releases, the videos from this album are doing major views. Just an hour ago, she dropped her “Oh My God” video, and she’s already amassed nearly 2 million views on it.

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