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Wait, Bria’s Interlude was about Bria Myles? Twitter learned something new with Drake celebrating the #SoFarGone 10 year anniversary

By Tamantha Staff Writer These people were today's year old when they realized Bria Myles was the inspiration behind "Bria's Interlude." Also, Drake has now been around for a really long time. So Far Gone was the project which put him on the map, predating him signing with Young Money. Drake giving Bria

Nicki Minaj announces Young Money is no longer a part of the 2019 BET Awards or Experience, encouraging fans to get their money back [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Unlike her previous album runs, Nicki Minaj has gone through the ringer, this time around. Every few years a female rapper emerges, and she's pit against Nicki Minaj. Normally, this competition is minimal, but this time around, Cardi B was the rival. Despite the love and support the

Nicki Minaj just destroyed Drake, in the #HardWhiteMusicVideo, according to Twitter, because she dismantles a scorpion in the video, “Scorpion” is the title of Drake’s latest album [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Recent history at Cash Money Records has seen a lot of in-fighting, leading to Young Money becoming its own entity. With that, Drake's label status is up in the air. If Drake is still on the Young Money roster, he is likely to soon leave the label. Nicki

Young Thug Announces Arrival Of ‘Barter 7’ On Instagram Live ; Thugger Mentions Lil’ Wayne Is Threatening To Sue Him

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer Young Thug got caught on his girlfriend Jerrika’s Instagram Live claiming that Lil’ Wayne is threatening to sue him. During a recent IG Live video, Thugger fans kept asking when the Young Money rapper will be releasing music off of his forthcoming, previously - announced album, Barter 7.