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Apple Watts accuses VH1 of editing tonight’s episode to make it look like she and Summer Bunni fought, when they squashed their beef, claiming she only went down to talk to her, but got jumped by another girl #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer On tonight's episode of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," Apple Watts looked as if she was coming unhinged. Much of this was due to her fighting Summer Bunni at Yo-Yo's show. Then, on top of that, she had that wild IG Live rant. Apple Watts, like many others

Yo-Yo and her daughter have fans questioning how to feel, as Twitter agrees with her checking the daughter, but they’re put off by her reaction, and how they act towards each other #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Thus far the voice of reason, Yo-Yo has tried to help mediate in every situation Apple Watts has gotten into. She has also been a bit of a surrogate mother to Micky. When it comes to her daughter, she has been an actual mother, but she's been