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Tyler Perry shaded Will and Jada, during his #BETAwards speech? Twitter believes Tyler Perry was taking shots at them, over their #OscarsSoWhite campaign, when he said he was building his own

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last night, Mary J. Blige was the woman of the hour, but Tyler Perry was also honored. Not only has he made some highly successful, hilarious, movies, Tyler Perry built a business empire. Even though he was the star of the show, he also did all of

Crips? Vandals spray painted “Crips” on a family’s vehicle and garage door, leaving Twitter in shambles, as the images go viral + They wrote in cursive, but people think it’s faked!

By Bossyy Staff Writer This brings back memories of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" intro video, with the theme song. Particularly, the clip of Will Smith spray painting, and the police catching him. But, in this real-life scenario, the cops were not around, nor were any civilians, to see what happened. A

7 Hip-Hop Historical Events That Shaped The Genre

Hip-hop wouldn’t be what it is today without its history. Albeit it may be considered a shorter history compared to other music genres, it had its game-changing moments over the years. Knowing more about these moments will help you understand what hip-hop is today, and what trends might be popular