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Lance Gross claps back at female fans who have had so much to say about him shaving his face, telling them to post a pic without makeup, body enhancements, and weave [PHOTO]

 By Ricki Says Staff Writer Dating back to his "House of Payne" days, Lance Gross was always tremendously popular with the ladies. They fell for Calvin, who went from being the dingy, lovable loser, to being a full-grown father and husband. Since then, Lance Gross has expanded his acting range. Entering the

Tami Roman definitely killed it as Silk on #TalesOnBET tonight! Go ‘head auntie! Fans are here for her delivery and for her coming through for Kenny (Demetrius Shipp, Jr.)

By Ricki Says Staff Writer For years, Tami Roman entertained fans on "Basketball Wives," so she had built-in support. Even in those days, Tami Roman stated that her goal was to become an actress. Prior to VH1, she had a small role in one of the early episodes of "The Parkers." Tami

Lance Gross stay looking like a snack; #STAR fans are glad to have him back for a second week, on the show, and they predict he and Carlotta are gonna get together

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Suddenly, Lance Gross has shown up everywhere, and he's been playing the bad guy, too. At the end of the summer, he was Big Dino on the TV One movie, When Love Kills, with Lil' Mama. Then, Lance Gross showed up on BET's "Tales," in the "Trap

Reggie (Lance Gross) was actually the best part of #TalesonBET; Fans are finding Lance Gross so good at being bad, but ladies still love him, saying he’s “Fine AF,” though #RIPReggie

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer May Reggie (Lance Gross) rest in peace, first off, and second, Irv Gotti deserves a round of applause. When Fetty Wap blew up, three years ago, few people saw Lance Gross as the leading male in "Trap Queen," but Irv did. That, alone, plus it working,