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Trick Daddy talks rappers who influenced him the most, who is the best female rapper, “Love & Hip Hop Miami” co-star Veronica Vega, and reality TV on “Drink Champs” [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Contributing Writer It was 2 Live Crew that first put Miami on the map, but Trick Daddy is the one who brought the spotlight to the 305. The dynamic between Trick Daddy and Trina is one that's unmatched. There are many reasons VH1 cast them for "Love &

Veronica still ain’t sh*t, according to #LHHMIA fans; Twitter blasts Veronica, accusing her of being ignorant, racist, and having not learned anything from last season, as fans trash Trick Daddy for defending her after learning she’s WHITE white, not Hispanic, using the N word

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer In the eyes of most "Love & Hip Hop Miami" fans, it's been over for Veronica Vega since she turned on Amara La Negra, in season one. At first, she and Steph Lecor were Amara's best friends. However, after the confrontation Amara and Young Hollywood had,

Amara La Negra is dating #LHHMIA co-star, Prince? Amara likes IG blog post of her and Prince from a recent “Love & Hip Hop Miami” shoot, captioned “Couple Goals” [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer A year ago, "Love & Hip Hop Miami" premiered, and Amara La Negra was the immediate breakout star. When the show debuted, Cardi B was taking over the music industry. With her journey going through the VH1 franchise, fans immediately compared Amara to her. Unfortunately, Amara La

SMH! #LHHMIA star, Prince, gets blasted by fan for only alowing light skinned women in clubs he promoted; Prince apologizes, but then compares dark-skinned women to Michael Blackson [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer A key theme, or argument, in "Love & Hip Hop Miami," in season one, was colorism. This led to Amara La Negra having major falling outs with former friends, Veronica Vega, and Steph Lecor, who is no longer on the show. Of course, Amara had it

Veronica Vega broke down on tonight’s episode and most of Twitter doesn’t care, telling her she still hasn’t proven she’s black, looking for a black family member; #LHHMIA fans are still upset over how she did Amara, stealing her speech, and wondering why Polow Da Don spent over $1 million on her career

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last season, Veronica Vega basically pulled a Masika on Amara La Negra. Starting out as her friend, Veronica turned on Amara, siding with Young Hollywood over the afro thing. Soon, Veronica had Hollywood producing a track for her. Veronica Vega was making noise, doing songs with many