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Rihanna shares pic of her young doppelganger and Tyra Banks wants to find this young girl, presumably to work with her [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Yesterday afternoon, Rihanna shared the above photo, and she demanded answers. As everybody knows, Rihanna doesn't have any children. Just one look at this little girl and she does bear a striking resemblance to the famed pop singer. Rihanna is one of the biggest names in entertainment, even

Hazel-E cruelly comes for Winnie Harlow, calling her 101 Dalmations and Salt-N-Pepa, making fun of her skin, for Winnie laughing at LightSkinKeisha clowning Hazel, calling her “Big Nose E” ; Hazel said if Tyra Banks didn’t feel sorry for her, no one would [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Whenever Hazel-E is making news, it is rarely a good thing. Normally, she is catching it from somebody and coming back way too harshly on them. Recently, Hazel-E got back into the headlines for calling out hip hop phenomenon, City Girls, over "Act Up," their breakthrough single. Hazel-E

NeNe Leakes threw a whole tree at Sheree, saying “you got a mugshot, your son got a mugshot, and your man got a mugshot” and Tyra Banks was NOT ready #RHOA #WWHL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer As it looks like NeNe and Porsha are on their way back to a friendship, a showdown between NeNe and Sheree appears on the horizon. After the two having beef, prior to Sheree's 2012 departure, the two were on good terms. Since Sheree's 2016 return, all

Rita Ora and Conor McGregor? She posts pic of her with Conor McGregor o IG with “Date Night” caption, as Twitter goes in on her for claiming a man who has a woman and child at home (Rita has removed “Date Night” caption)

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since she forced her way off Roc Nation, in 2015, Rita Ora has kept a low profile. Last year, Rita Ora was the host of "America's Next Top Model," during its inaugural VH1 season. However, following that season, Rita Ora left, and was replaced by Tyra

Sanaa Lathan stuns the internet, when she reveals she shaved her head bald; Everybody has something to say, but Twitter has to admit she still looks good (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Back in the day, there were a handful of women that the men absolutely loved. Among them was Sanaa Lathan, who along with Nia Long, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Robin Givens, and a handful of others, helped make boys into men. Love & Basketball cemented Sanaa. 297443