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Blac Chyna gets visibly upset with Justina Valentine, on “Wild ‘N Out,” after she freestyles about her plastic surgery, and bagging Rob, the least-popular Kardashian; Chyna looks ready to fight [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer There are several notorious women in the game, once referred to as "video honeys," later "vixens," then "models," and now Instagram celebrities. Many of these women rise to fame for either dating, or being around rappers. Shows like "Love & Hip Hop" made them famous. Blac Chyna, though

HHV Comeback of the Year 2019: B2K

By Jay Rich Staff Writer To some, this pick might be a little controversial, but streaming numbers and ticket sales back up B2K having the biggest comeback. It's also monumental, because B2K was long forgotten, until 2014. Via Omarion and Lil Fizz joining "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," they got a

Rob Kardashian gets dragged by Twitter for trying to take custody away from Blac Chyna, as fans point out how Tyga has nothing negative to say about her parenting; Fans call Rob bitter, says he has no career, and needs to focus on losing weight

By Bossyy Staff Writer Three years ago, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian still appeared to be going strong. There was no reason to question if "Rob & Chyna" was coming back for a second season. As everyone now knows, the show didn't come back for season two. However, Rob Kardashian's Instagram, during

Diddy spotted on jet ski with mystery woman that most mistake for Rihanna, but she’s @jiordyn, the girl spotted with Tyga, when he made that infamous meme face [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Everything surrounding Diddy is an air of mystery, because of the money, and the lifestyle he portrays. Of course, that means the women, too, not just the mothers of his children. A lifelong bachelor, Diddy has six children by three women. Aside from those women, Diddy had the