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PHresher gets dragged for being a trash manager by Twitter; #LHHNY fans think Jennaske is better off with Rich, but that he’s also a trash manager

By Bossyy Staff Writer Before "Love & Hip Hop," Rich Dollaz was a behind-the-scenes figure in the industry. He had worked with many of the biggest names and, when the show began, was working with Olivia. But, the seasons of the show have proven Rich Dollaz to be an ineffective manager. Likely,

Yandy is calling Mendeecees her husband, are they married? Twitter is skeptical, also how Yandy mentioned the crime she said she didn’t know about, and that it’s not a rumor, it’s law with a foster child #LHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, Yandy is doing the most, something "Love & Hip Hop" fans say she's always doing. The episode began with good news for her, with her fiance, Mendeecees, coming home. When he went to prison, in 2015, Yandy wanted to marry him before he went. Given her relationship

Slick Rick is doing okay, he’s just fine, Twitter! He’s trending, because he’s been crowned the best storyteller in hip hop, after XXL asked the question, don’t be scared!

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Any time a legend, or anyone who is famous, but out of the spotlight starts trending on Twitter, fans prepare for the worst. When Slick Rick began trending, many were terrified. Though his run at the top of the game ended, decades ago, he remains a

Red Lobster dominates Twitter, because @RoblesTeonna called her boyfriend “disrespectful,” using the “n-word,” sharing his texts, gets dragged for using that word, but people come to her defense

By Bossyy Staff Writer These days, it's very rare to see a company, or entity, trending on social media because of the actual company. Everything is always something off the wall, dealing with some people doing something stupid. This time, Red Lobster is trending on Twitter. It all boils down to a

Ari Lennox cries on IG Live, blasting people for hating blackness and black women, especially black people, and getting upset over some trying to make her the bad guy, after being called rottweilers; Twitter reacts to her rant and the insults to her and Teyana Taylor [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Yesterday, a random man on Twitter decided to insult two young and rising R&B vocalists. He called out Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor, referring to them as looking like "rottweilers." While the man did also refer to them as "sexy," the insult was made. Ari Lennox tackled this,

JR Smith owns Twitter, after word gets out about him and Candice Patton, Iris from “The Flash,” allegedly having an and his wife praying for him over it; Twitter says they don’t condone cheating, but WOW, and drag his wife’s prayer, as JR responds on IG Story, saying no weapons formed against me… [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The last time JR Smith trended like this, on Twitter, was when he dribbled the clock out, in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals. That was the beginning of the end, for the Cavaliers, as the Warriors swept them. It was only a matter of weeks,

JUICE WRLD DIED: Twitter is heartbroken over the sad news of Juice WRLD dying, as they continue with the rest in peace posts, questioning why he died at 21, and crediting his talent… RIP Juice WRLD

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The world knows Juice WRLD best for his "Lucid Dreams" single, but his die-hard fans know how many bops Juice WRLD has. This morning, everybody knows Juice WRLD died, and they know how. But, the question they're grappling with is why. Even knowing a person has passed

Austin McBroom draws attention on Twitter, when he uses the N-word on Snapchat, promoting “Giddy Up” single, causing a debate on whether he’s black or not

By Bossyy Staff Writer Ever since the Ace family debuted on YouTube, Austin McBroom has been one of social media's biggest stars. He has used this attention to launch several ventures. Among them is a music career, where he has a built-in fan base. Austin McBroom is making a lot of noise,

Brother Nature Reveals That He Has Contracted Malaria [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Everyone’s favorite animal whisperer, Brother Nature, has revealed that he has contracted malaria. In a post on Instagram, he wrote: ”Just wanted [to] keep you guys posted on why I haven’t really been active lately. So about 10 days ago I got a fever and didn’t think much of

Ray J is being clowned by Twitter for reaching out to Trump to pardon Suge Knight, as they say he needs to suck up to Gavin Newsom, the governor of California + Twitter goes in on him over Trump allegedly wanting to use him to gain black support

By Bossyy Staff Writer As of late, Ray J has been out here making boss moves. Slowly, Ray J has separated himself from the world of an artist to that of a businessman. His business moves are much more than just a record label, too, as he is going hard in