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Jess In The Mess: Fans Say Jess Hilarious is Cancelled After She Made a Racist Video Saying She Felt Threatened Boarding A Plane With a Man Wearing a Turban [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Jess With The Mess is currently trending on twitter, and it’s not because of her jokes. Jess recently posted and deleted a video of herself boarding a plane. A few people ahead of her was a man wearing a turban and Jess recorded him, without his knowledge,

Kirk Franklin’s Daughter DM’s Fan Defending Him From Jokes About His Cheeks Being Contoured; Fan Reads Her to the Altar and Back: “your father’s cheeks appear to be highlighted more than a English literature text book”

By Tamantha Staff Writer Jesus take the wheel. Kirk Franklin’s daughter, Kennedy Franklin, does not play when it comes to her daddy. Kirk recently attended Chance The Rapper’s wedding, and fans couldn’t help but notice how snatched his cheekbones were. Kennedy went on to tweet general tweets about people talking about

Culture Vulture Chronicles: Yes Julz Gets Dragged AGAIN For Saying Karen Civil and Scottie Beam Hate on Her For Hosting Rolling Loud: “People feel that I should not be in certain positions that I’m in in this culture” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer In “girl bye” news, Yes Julz is getting dragged on twitter, AGAIN. Julz sat down on the ‘Easily Offended Show’ and claimed that Karen Civil and Scottie Beam  think she should not be in positions she is in, like hosting the annual Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

Jose Canseco accuses Alex Rodriguez of cheating on Jennifer Lopez with Jessica, his (Jose’s) ex-wife, and then gives his number out on Twitter, telling J. Lo to call him for details [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer What in the crazy?... Stranger things have happened, for sure, but this whole thing is very left field. Of course, when people find happiness, there are always those who are trying to tear it apart, which makes it hard to trust anyone. Jennifer Lopez began dating Alex Rodriguez,

Khloe Kardashian Takes to Twitter To Blame Jordyn Woods For Breaking Up Her Family, Not Tristan Thompson Who Has Cheated More Times Than We Can Count

By Tamantha Staff Writer Khloe Kardashian should’ve just sat there and watch ‘Red Table Talk’ in peace. She is currently getting dragged by her clip ins for blaming Jordyn Woods for breaking up her family, not Third Trimester Tristan Thompson. In a tweet she says: Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If

Whew Child! Cardi B & Offset For The Kulture And Maybe Baby Bardi #2

By Jazzy Nelson Staff Writer Cardi B and Offset allegedly are pregnant with baby number two and the Twitter rumors have social media shook! We know the Grammy award winning couple has had its hiccups but it looks like the make up sex between the two was a win win! The couple