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Jidenna Dropped the Church Clothes to Show Off His Muscles and The Ladies Can’t Take It! [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Who knew that Jidenna was hiding all of THAT under those church suits? A picture surfaced of the “classic man” looking buff and fine and the ladies have lost their minds!

Lala Is Currently Trending Because People Think She is Keeping Carmelo Anthony From Seeing His 1-Year-Old Daughter With Another Woman [TWEETS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer It’s Father’s Day and Carmelo Anthony still has not come forward claiming his alleged 1-year-old daughter with Mia Burks. Melo and Lala seperated shortly after the news surfaced, but the couple is now back together and working on their marriage. Lala sent a sweet Father’s Day message to

Yes Julz Gets Dragged AGAIN By Black Twitter For Saying Her “Ancestors” Would Have Her Back Against Guy Saying He Would Purposely Start A Fight to Ruin Her Party [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer It’s black twitter vs Yes Julz, round 83927262. Yes Julz is back on the bad side of black twitter after she said that her “ancestors” had her back against a black man who said he would purposely start a fight to ruin her party. Twitter users had a

‘City Girls Summer’ Cancelled? Women Feel Bamboozled After Yung Miami Announces Pregnancy; Thought They Would Have a Summer Full Of Actin’ Up

By Tamantha Staff Writer Yung Miami finally announced her pregnancy. While many of her fans felt happy about the news of her bringing a new life into the world, other fans felt bamboozled. Fans accused Yung Miami of ruining their “City Girls Summer” which was supposed to consist of acting up and

Kylie Jenner Gets Dragged For Promoting Her Kylie Skin Face Wash With a Filter On; Fans Call Her Out For Not Washing Her Face Properly and Still Having Foundation on The Towel [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Kylie Jenner might want to take a few notes from Rihanna on how to market her product, because sis is getting dragged every time she uploads a video. Kylie posted a video of herself “washing” her face with her new foaming face wash. She covers her face in