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Amara embarrassed TF out of Trick Daddy, when she checked him after he called her his date, plus the face she made, according to #LHHMIA fans who thought he was trying to stick it to Joy and Trina + Think Joy was salty

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last week's "Love & Hip Hop Miami" saw Trick Daddy declare his intentions for Amara La Negra. Going out on a big limb, Trick Daddy took Amara out on a date. To be clear, Amara repeatedly told Trick the date was as "FRIENDS ONLY." Trick Daddy is in

Khaotic is being roasted by #LHHMIA fans on Twitter, who believe the system is designed to get black men, and they also clown him for wearing glasses, saying that doesn’t help him look innocent + Joy says he isn’t her type, but Trick Daddy is?

By Bossyy Contributing Writer These past few episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Miami" have seen Khaotic take on a bigger role. Much of this is due to Khaotic stepping up and trying to be Joy's man. Before that, he was reaching out to Trick Daddy, her ex, asking him for

Trick Daddy talks rappers who influenced him the most, who is the best female rapper, “Love & Hip Hop Miami” co-star Veronica Vega, and reality TV on “Drink Champs” [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Contributing Writer It was 2 Live Crew that first put Miami on the map, but Trick Daddy is the one who brought the spotlight to the 305. The dynamic between Trick Daddy and Trina is one that's unmatched. There are many reasons VH1 cast them for "Love &