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James just lost the support of the entire fan base of #TheFour; Fans on Twitter are going in on him for disrespecting Sharaya J and Meghan + Give DJ Khaled props for checking him

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer When James came out, on "The Four," he wasted no time winning the fans over. Dude came with it, rocking that old school, doing Fat Joe's 2004 classic, "Lean Back." Touting himself as a "real emcee," James wanted to battle another rapper. Sharaya J is the only rapper

Diddy gets trashed by #TheFour fans on Twitter for not choosing De’Stani Bryant, but has fans in tears of laughter, after he said Stelle Amor “made me nervous”

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Just like the fans were feeling Whitney Reign, they were feeling De'Stani Bryant. Unfortunately, De'Stani was the young sixteen year old kid, that didn't get love like Zhavia did. Because of that, she was bounced, and Whitney looks like their favorite, this season. Diddy was instrumental in the