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Nick Cannon wants all the smoke with Eminem, shouting out Fat Joe for new album, but responding to Em’s diss, and threatens to beat his a** [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer A decade ago, Nick Cannon was married to Mariah Carey, who used to date Eminem. In some older records, Eminem mentioned Mariah Carey, and he dredged her back up for his Relapse album. When he did, he found himself confronted by Nick Cannon, as any husband would. Late in

The Mother of T.I.’s 18-Year-Old Daughter Deyjah, Ms. Niko, Calls BS on Him Saying on #RedTableTalk That He Didn’t Book Yearly Gynecologist Appointment for Deyjah and Hasn’t Done it Recently – “Whew Chile, The Narcissism” [PHOTO-VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Over the past month, T.I. has been getting dragged on social media after comments made on the Ladies Like Us podcast that he takes his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah, to yearly appointments to the gynecologist to check on her hymen and her virginity. He appeared on Jada

T.I. gets dragged by Twitter, over #redtabletalk interview about daughter, Deyjah, as fans also have smoke for Tiny, co-signing Will for getting out of there, and wishing Jada had Willow on this episode, after Tip didn’t know what patriarchal meant

By Bossyy Staff Writer A few weeks ago, T.I. came under plenty of fire, when he revealed, in a podcast, that he takes his daughter, Deyjah, to the gynecologist, to have her examined to ensure she's still a virgin. Whatever he was trying to accomplish failed. Social media went all the

T.I. To Be Guest on Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’ After Revealing That He Takes Daughter To Gynecologist Yearly To Check on Her Hymen to Make Sure She’s a Virgin

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer This month, T.I. has been catching heat on social media after he appeared on the Ladies Like Us podcast with hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham. The controversy there came after he revealed that he brings his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah, to the gynecologist after her birthdays to check on