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J. Prince says Kanye called to end Drake/Pusha T beef and speaks on being at odds with Cash Money on Hot 97 [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer One of the original hip hop businessmen, J. Prince established one of the earliest Southern rap labels, Rap-A-Lot Records. The label definitely helped Houston rappers gain an outlet. This vision helped to make J. Prince a multimillionaire. Making his millions in music, J. Prince also got into the

HHV On The Rise: Nno

By Stranga The Great Staff Writer Before Atlanta became the mecca of the South, several Southern cities had strong hip hop scenes. The first ones were Houston and Miami, which was followed by New Orleans' emergence. First, with the success of No Limit, and then Cash Money, the city became a

La Chat gets dragged by Twitter for dissing Cardi B in her #WhoRunIt freestyle, in response to Cardi sampling “Chicken Head,” for #Bickenhead, and paying her homage + Fans say “Who is La Chat?,” most don’t know who she is

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Make no mistake, La Chat is a pioneer of Southern rap, especially where female artists are concerned. The influence she's had on the game is evident in Cardi B. Look no further than "Bickenhead," the runaway Invasion of Privacy favorite track. La Chat, however, took offense to Cardi

Killer Mike gets dragged by Twitter for his comments on NRAtv about gun control, saying “they had guns in Wakanda,” as people say he went from “Bernie Sanders to Tomi Lahren” and “Killer Mike is cancelled” (FULL INTERVIEW INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer For nearly twenty years, Killer Mike has played a huge role in Southern hip hop. This man is a legend and he's worked with everyone from Outkast to T.I. to Chamillionaire, and everyone in between. During the last presidential election, he campaigned hard for Bernie Sanders. Ultimately, Killer

HHV Exclusive: David Banner talks “The God Box,” activism in his music, race, business, politics, TV project, and much more

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Perhaps, because of him being a Deep South rapper, as David Banner is from Mississippi, his contributions are overlooked. From the beginning, David Banner was always culturally-aware. On his debut album, "Cadillac on 22's" was nothing like the title indicated. David Banner, however, increasingly began to make