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So, Scrapp and Sierra are really a thing? #LHHATL fans on Twitter are tryna find out! The girls are trying to decide if Scrapp’s fine or not, while the guys want to know how he keeps getting these girls

By Bossyy Staff Writer Three years ago, the "infamous" King family was introduced to the audience of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." They were supposed to be a threat that had everybody scared. Long story short, it's Scrapp and Sas, two of the calmest guys in VH1 history. That's not to say

Twitter was not here for BK Brasco going off on Sierra, telling her she goes from man to man, at her house, mad about cheating, when he cheated, too #LHHATL

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last season, Sierra dealt with the fallout from Shooter, her husband, cheating on her with Moriah, her assistant. While Moriah didn't return, her impact was felt. Sierra decided to divorce Shooter, to his dismay, and he dragged her for it. A new man came into Sierra's life, BK

BK Brasco allegedly is expecting a child with Sierra, but has also gotten former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” co-star, Amber Priddy pregnant, according to rumors #LHHATL

By Bossyy Staff Writer During the fall of 2017, Sierra made waves, when she posted pics of herself with a new man. After all the junk Shooter put her through, Sierra definitely needed someone new. That man, BK Brasco, is someone HHV readers should be familiar with. BK Brasco had a lot

Reginae Carter had an epic clapback on Shooter, from #LHHATL, on a post that had nothing to do with her, talking about his fans, and she said “you’re not famous tho,” and later Reginae said she got hacked: “I don’t even know that man” [PHOTO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer Even though Shooter was going through it, on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," last season, fans were not rocking with him. The death of his son was emotional and everybody felt for him. But, how he did Sierra, both before losing his son, and after, was

Keely is being blasted by #LHHATL on Twitter, for being all up in Sierra and Shooter’s business, and the fans aren’t here for her now, or next season + Tokyo owns her, calling her “Miss Potato Head” #LHHReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every now and again, the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise casts a person that's universally liked (Cardi B/Amara La Negra). Then again, they may also bring on a person that is universally hated. Cases of this include the likes of BBOD and Keely. From the jump, BBOD

Keely is getting dragged by Twitter for breaking up with K. Botchey when he already broke up with her and for keeping Bleu DaVinci away from his son for so long … #LHHATL fans on Twitter think she’s trying to get back with her baby daddy

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Almost instantly, Keely rubbed the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans the wrong way. She was introduced as Just Brittany's manager and the girlfriend of K. Botchey. But, it wasn't long before she revealed Shooter was one of her friends. Sierra, Shooter's ex, left him after all