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Shekinah and the way she fell has Twitter amused, as they come through with all the memes + #LHHATL fans love her calling Pooh’s speech to her daughter “well performed”

By Bossyy Staff Writer Since joining "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Shekinah has consistently delivered the laughs. These past few episodes have seen Shekinah get into the drama, though. First, Akbar V crashed her event to pick a fight, and then Spice came for her, due to her comments about Akbar. Shekinah

Joc SNAPPED and fans loved it! #LHHATL Twitter was here for Joc standing up to Karlie, Sharonda, Sina, and Shekinah over Kendra and also loved Scrappy setting the record straight

By Bossyy Staff Writer Five years ago, Yung Joc joined "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" and he's come to define the show. Prior to 2014, Joc was viewed as a washed-up rapper. His hits were "It's Goin' Down," "I Know U See It," and 2007's hit, "Coffee Shop," before 2008's "Lookin'

Joc needs to stop it! #LHHATL fans get a good laugh at Yung Joc, and these interviews, and them him with his exes, Sina and Alex, talking about Kendra + Twitter questions his timeline with Kendra

By Bossyy Staff Writer Before Yung Joc, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was already the favorite, and most-ratchet show on all of reality TV. But, Yung Joc joined in season three, and the show was forever changed. A number of people stay tuning in to see what Joc is putting down. Joc

Sharonda is the problem, says Twitter, blaming unprofessional attitude for the shop’s failures and fans also think she looks like Momma Dee #LHHATL

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" audience met another person who definitely has a mind of her own. Many may have overlooked last year's storyline about Yung Joc opening a beauty salon. All of this stemmed from the reactions about his hairstyles. If memory serves, fans should