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Mario Lopez hosts everything! #AllStarSaturdayNight, too, and Twitter has one question, “Does Mario Lopez ever age?” He is looking like “Saved By The Bell” AC Slater, out here

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Childhood's coming back alive, tonight, with Kobe and Shaq talking about those Lakers' teams, and Mario Lopez hosting. But, Mario Lopez really hasn't gone away, since he became famous. After "Saved by the Bell," he did a few shows, and went right into "Extra." Mario Lopez

Meyhem Lauren ft. Troy Ave – “Kelly Kapowski (remix)”

Just looking at her, it is easy to see why Zack Morris always schemed to get with Kelly Kapowski. If one person truly understands, it has to be Meyhem Lauren. With so much love for the "Saved by the Bell" character, Meyhem Lauren named a track after Kelly. Now, he