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Chox-Mak releases “The Seven Day Experiment” artwork [PHOTO]

By Matthew Bridge Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Just when some may have began to wonder where Chox-Mak was, he returned. Although always working on new music, Chox-Mak has not delivered a full project in a few months, now. But, Chox-Mak is working hard to change that and hopes to get something

Chox-Mak ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – “No Plan B”

  Leading up to the release of this song, DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak have done a lot of promotion for it. They released the cover art for the track a few days ago, but tonight is the official version of the song, which is "No Plan B." S Dot, who

HHV Exclusive: S. Dot talks production style and inspiration

By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Producers are the architects of the sounds that people generally associate with hip hop music. Some of the hottest beats are coming from the independent guys, just like how it is with the rappers. S. Dot is one of these producers who is