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JoJo Simmons gets clowned by Twitter over his arrest, as fans say he should stick to being the peace maker, voice of reason, and giving words of wisdom like Rev Run #GUHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer By now, everybody knows JoJo Simmons, as he grew up on TV. His TV career began, on MTV, when "Run's House" was a thing. The Simmons family actually are pioneers in this whole reality TV game, long before the ensemble cast was a thing. Now that it is,

Angela Simmons talks about struggling, and then people start coming for her in her IG comments, saying she was born successful, with Rev Run as her dad, and Russell Simmons as her uncle [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer The world first got to know Angela Simmons, when "Run's House" premiered on MTV, in 2005. Always a hard-worker, Angela Simmons, along with Vanessa, her older sister, were known as rich girls. Not denying their background, it was true. However, "Run's House" showed Angela and Vanessa always working

Diggy Simmons was on #grownish tonight and the thirst was REAL; Women all over Twitter are saying Diggy is “fine,” “all grown up,” and a whole “meal”

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer It's pretty ironic that Angela Simmons has found her way back into the headlines, with sibling drama. That brought back "Run's House" memories, and memories of a young Diggy Simmons. A few years ago, it looked like Diggy was going to take over the rap game. Diggy

Angela Simmons’ younger sister, Daryan, puts her on blast for treating her friends, better than her family, and shares text message from Angela, accusing Daryan of trying to “ruin” her #GUHH [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Courtesy of "Run's House," Angela Simmons is a household name. A difference between her and her siblings is that Angela managed to stay in the spotlight. Her brothers, Jojo and Diggy, had music careers that never fully caught on. Meanwhile, her older sister, Vanessa, and youngest brother,