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Alexis Sky is only 24? Twitter wishes Alexis Sky a happy birthday, but is shocked that she’s so young, and she’s actually younger than people think, as she’s 23, not turning 24, until July 14

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since 2015, Alexis Sky has been in the public eye. She first rose to fame, when she and Fetty Wap began dating. Already, she was well-known as a model, who was making some major moves, in the industry, also selling her products. Alexis Sky, before the fame,

Shannade Clermont, one half of the Clermont Twins, who were in Kanye West’s #YeezySeason promo, was arrested for stealing the debit card of a John who fatally overdosed

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Often, the dark side of Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, as a whole, is discussed. Outside of the main celebrities, it's hard to make a consistent check. In fact, the top artists and actors are only paid per job, unless they have a series. Those who watch

Kash Doll announces her name is now Kashdoll, Sr. and all these other “Doll” rappers need to put “Jr.” behind theirs [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer So much of the attention, when it comes to female rappers, is dedicated to the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B nonbeef. All the while, these "Doll" rappers have taken over the game. Increasingly, since 2016, female rappers have emerged, with the "Doll" surname. Obviously not counting them all, there's