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Rick Ross’ 17-year-old daughter, Toi, speaks out, revealing she was never pregnant, and the pic was just a prank she pulled, back in May, on a private page [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer One of the biggest hip hop stories of the year was Rick Ross becoming a grandfather. His baby mama shared the news on her Instagram and there were many rumors surrounding it. Word was that Rick Ross was upset, as their daughter was only seventeen years old. Any

“Power” went back to the original theme song with Joe, replacing Trey Songz, and social media clowns 50 Cent, saying they bullied the bully, and made him change it back #PowerSeason6

By Bossyy Staff Writer Through his career, 50 Cent built a reputation for being a bully. But, the past decade has seen 50 Cent take some rather public losses. The first major one came when Rick Ross took 50 Cent on, seemingly for no reason, despite rumors of friction. Rick Ross, unlike

Meek Mill dominates Twitter, as he performs at #NFLKickoff, as first part of Jay-Z’s NFL partnership + People against kneeling are very upset, complaining about lyrics, calling it a “dumpster fire,” and accusing NFL of adding to Chicago’s crime rate #NFL100

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Nearly one year ago, Meek Mill released Championships, his fourth studio album. Though not a single, the Notorious B.I.G.-sampled "What's Free?," featuring Rick Ross and Jay-Z was the standout song. It was a song discussing what freedom really is, in their opinions. In Jay-Z's verse, he spoke about

Rick Ross’ baby mama, @stoni__stone, announces she and Ross will be grandparents, as their 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, announcing via IG Story [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Recently, Rick Ross has been back in the spotlight, as he released his much-anticipated Port of Miami 2 album. The Miami legend has gone through his ups and downs, over the years. But, the past few years have seen him really being an outsider in the game. Despite being