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Barbie Tingz, where is it? Nicki Minaj fans on Twitter are upset that #BarbieTingz didn’t make the “Queen” album track listing, but “Rich Sex” and “Chun-Li” did #RichSex #ChunLi

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Don't mess with the "Barbz," they don't play when it comes to Nicki Minaj, and they most-definitely don't play about the new music. After being away for four years, Nicki Minaj is preparing her new album. The album, Queen, is coming on August 10. To introduce the album,

Future casts Blac Chyna for #RichSex music video [VIDEO]

By YRS Jerzy Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer A lot of people have wondered exactly how Future made himself so hot in the span of months. First, he made music that he knew the fans would love. Unfortunately, the industry changed and the music isn't all it takes, anymore. 193436