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Kanye West says he takes offense t being called “secular,” which Drake called him in Rap Radar interview, and Kanye said call him whatever, but don’t call him secular [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Seeing Kanye West and Drake on opposite sides is jarring, because this is not how it began. When Drake debuted, Kanye West was the "creative" rapper in the game. This is a lane Drake also occupied, as well as Wale, during this time. One of Drake's early hits,

Drake’s still salty about Pusha T bullying him into fatherhood after claiming he doesn’t ever want to mend things with him, fans say Pusha’s living rent free in Drake’s head as they pull receipts of him being a Clipse fan [VIDEO] | [REACTIONS]

By Prince Hakeem  Check out some of the best reactions to Drake speaking on no longer being a fan of Pusha T's music. While Drake does admit that he lost the rap battle between him and Pusha, he claims that it didn't destroy him and that he wasn't out-barred. Fans online

Drake Says He Doesn’t Believe What Pusha T Says in His Raps Even Though He Was a Big Clipse Fan Growing Up; Says He Knows The Truth Now [VIDEOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Every hip-hop fan remembers the epic beef between Drake and Pusha T in early 2018. The most notable moment came when Pusha dropped the diss track “The Story of Adidon” where he called out Drake for hiding his newborn son from the world that he had

Omarion left Maybach Music, reveals they never helped promote his music, said neither MMG or Atlantic believed in “Post To Be,” and he has his own label, OWW (Omarion WorldWide) [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer To this current generation, Omarion is probably best-known for his single, "Post To Be," with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko. Because of the gap in hits, O is written off as a one-hit wonder. But, Omarion is far from that, as he was in B2K, and

Trey Songz posts his baby boy, Noah, as he turned six months old today, and he shares several special moments with him [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer There has always been a special connection between Trey Songz and Drake, dating back to Drizzy's early days. Last year, Drake got exposed for having a secret child. Early this year, Trey Songz suddenly revealed he had a secret child. While Trey has had some minor R&B beef,

Wiley, popular UK rapper, accuses Drake of preventing his song from coming out, blasts OVO Sound, tells artists not to sign there, and warns Drake to not come back to England

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Being on top of the game as long as Drake has definitely opens the door for criticism. The Toronto rapper began taking over the game, early in 2009, and made his official debut in 2010. That span of time, since then, has seen Drake play by