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Dave Chappelle launched a new tour and his tickets sold out in minutes, with fans going in on Ticketmaster and StubHub over not getting tickets, and for the prices, with some happy they got it, and others pissed that they missed out

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Arguably, Dave Chappelle is the most-popular comedian of this generation. Rising to fame in the late 1990s, Dave Chappelle took over the entertainment world, by 2003. His Comedy Central show, "Chappelle's Show," was the most-popular comedy variety show. Dave Chappelle abruptly left for Africa, in 2005, at

Vicky is declared the winner of the Bhad Bhabie fight on Twitter, as fans say “to be fair, Vicky caught her INSIDE,” not outside, but is going to jail for hitting a minor; @shotbydcastro blasts Akaemiks for stealing his footage

By Bossyy Staff Writer This morning, Woah Vicky finally caught up with Bhad Bhabie, following a lot of social media beefing. As promised, a fight went down, but Bhad was the one who went down. Really, so much for the whole "cash me ousside" routine. Woah Vicky is a social media star,

Greensboro women, Meranda Watlington and Fana Felton, involved in the gas station hit and run murder of Zanelle Tucker, get charged with first degree murder in first day in court [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Nearly two weeks ago, horrible news broke about two women driving through a Greensboro, North Carolina parking lot and running people over. Eight people were hit and one person lost her life. The young woman was Zanelle Tucker, a 30-year-old mother of two. Killing one person, there were