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NIKE Scraps Release Of Betsy Ross Air Max 1’s After Colin Kaepernick Expresses Concerns Of Its Ties To Racism; Some Threaten to Boycott [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Colin Kaepernick has white people mad at him AGAIN. He reportedly got Nike to scrap its release of the Betsy Ross Air Max 1 sneakers, due to the flag’s ties to racism. It didn’t take long for white people to express their anger on social media and call for

One store takes NIKE ban to new extremes, saying all NIKE products are banned from the store, and employees will be fired for wearing their products [PHOTO]

By Jay Mack Staff Writer Justice was served, in the case of Colin Kaepernick, when he was essentially black-balled by the NFL. After kneeling during the National Anthem, Colin Kaepernick became a target for political fodder. This led to no team signing him, when he was a free agent. NIKE stepped in