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@redbone_noe, Kenneth Petty’s ex (Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend), shares photo of blood splattered on her kitchen floor, accusing a man of coming into her house and trying to shoot her; Fans accuse her of lying, dragging her in the IG comments [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Since Nicki Minaj revealed Kenneth Petty was "new boy," many of her fans, and even non-fans, have been against this. These people have worked overtime to break their relationship up. This has given new life to @redbone_noe, Kenneth's baby mama. @redbone_noe has been given this new platform and

Remy Ma says Nicki Minaj’s success made other female rappers feel like they couldn’t compete, in 2016 #EssenceLive interview, only months before #ShETHER [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Looking back on it, there was a lot of tension between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, before "ShETHER." Of course, there was a time, which was long before Nicki got famous, where she and Remy had beef. Then, there is the infamous video, of the person people

So, Nicki Minaj has this husband, which fans assume is Kenneth Petty, and it looks like she has pissed the #QueenRadio fans off, on Twitter, with this “accidental?” announcement, not telling fans sooner

By Tamantha Staff Writer Last year, Nicki Minaj joined forces with Apple Music to launch her radio show, Queen Radio. The launch coincided with the Cardi B beef, so early episodes were dedicated to that. Also, Nicki Minaj had a new man in her life, she was calling "New Boy." Nicki Minaj

#QueenRadio has officially kicked off in London and Nicki Minaj fans shout her out for her London accent and her “Thotiana” remix, asking if “Barbiana” is the name of her unicorn + RIP stuffed animal Oscar #QueenRadioLondon

By Tamantha Staff Writer There is a lot of energy surrounding Nicki Minaj, as she headlines her tour, Nicki WRLD Tour, with Juice WRLD. This tour is actually going through Europe and it is the center of much controversy. Before going into England, there was a lot of drama in France. Nicki

Nicki Minaj likes shady tweet from one of her fans, defending her cancelling shows, saying when Beyonce cancels her shows, she doesn’t give her fans an explanation, and that Nicki fans are too comfortable

By Tamantha Staff Writer It's no secret that Nicki Minaj has a history of speaking out and clapping back. The famed rapper, when provoked, will fight back against the disrespect. Last night, Nicki Minaj was literally ready to fight one of her fans, over a cancelled performance. Nicki Minaj, back in 2016,

Nicki Minaj nearly gets into physical altercation with French fan who got in her face, leading Nicki to ask her if she wanted to fight, and Kenny to break it up [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Some people have tried to say otherwise, but it's clear Nicki Minaj is one tough woman. Not even because of where she comes from, Nicki just seems like a tough woman. Often, though, Nicki Minaj is only accused of going at people who won't fight back. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is losing her “Queen” status with French fans, who spotted her at Fun Fair, missing her #NickiWRLDTour concert, and they are dragging her on Twitter [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Right now, Nicki Minaj is in an odd position, but it's not one that is totally new. Actually, the levels of success she had were unprecedented, as she went nearly ten years as the only viable female rapper. When she debuted, Lil' Kim was five years removed