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Wendy Williams returned to TV, this morning, and spoke on the rumors of her husband leaving her, saying nobody is walking away after 29 years, and showing a photo of them from the beginning [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer There was a lot of speculation, when Wendy Williams had to take her hiatus. All of it wasn't just about her personal life, either, as there was talk of her being permanently being replaced. Guest hosts, such as Nick Cannon were floated as replacements, along with Steve

Wendy Williams’ talk show is reportedly in trouble and the staff is rumored to be calling audience members, asking them to come to the show, and bring a friend or two #WendyShow

By Tamantha Staff Writer Due to health reasons, Wendy Williams has taken a leave of absence from the show. Since then, several people have come to fill in on the show, Nick Cannon among them. According to some, the show is in more trouble than what it looks like. Wendy Williams does