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Antonio Brown and baby mama, Chelsie, are still going at it, as he accuses her of trying to steal the Bentley, and she shares texts of him begging to get back with her [PHOTOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Definitely, Antonio Brown has put a show on for the internet, this morning. The former NFL player put his baby mama on blast, as the police arrived at his home to remove Chelsie and the kids. When the cops arrived, AB went live on Instagram. Antonio Brown didn't

Antonio Brown curses out the police, on IG Live, as he taunts his baby mama, in front of their children, while the police take his children away [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer For some time, Antonio Brown has been having it out with Chelsie, his baby mama. The two have taken their spats to social media, several times over. Both have shared some downright embarrassing text messages between each other. Antonio Brown, who already hasn't been picked up by

Baltimore Ravens Get Smacked at Home in Upset Win by Tennessee Titans and Fans Say The Drake Sports Curse Strikes Again After Wishing Lamar Jackson Happy Birthday This Week

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer The Baltimore Ravens got cooked at home last night in their AFC divisional round matchup against the Tennessee Titans, 28-12. Tennessee also shocked the Patriots in New England last week, 20-13. Prior to the Ravens’ game, Drake showed love to QB Lamar Jackson earlier this week who

Orlando Scandrick got sent to the man upstairs by Shannon Sharpe, according to Twitter, who is telling him RIP, after their latest “Undisputed” argument, where Shannon blasts him for being on the show with them, and not playing

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Here lately, Orlando Scandrick has been in the spotlight, as he revealed he and Draya broke up. Almost immediately, Celina Powell slid in his DMs, but he shut that down. After she tried it, Orlando Scandrick said he isn't doing any DMs with anyone. Since being relieved