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Jasmine Yvette, aka @jahzetv, says she was beaten by a white man in NYC cab, and that the NYPD was no help, telling her to get in the cab, or the police car, saying women aren’t protected when the man has scratches + Also claims man bit her and people say his name is Cristiano Moura [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the wake of all the bad news of women of color being kidnapped and thrown into human trafficking, this happens. This young woman, Jasmine Yvette, has been making a name for herself in NYC media. She is a part of "The Breakfast Club" family and doing

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in NYC Offering Kanye West and His Sunday Service Choir to Make Appearance After Being Inspired By Them Visiting Joel Osteen’s Church and Houston Jail [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Kanye West had a very time in Houston a week ago as he visited the Harris County Jail so he and his Sunday Service choir could visit inmates as West also spoke to them. He ended the trip on November 17 as he attended an 11am

Donna Francis, the fake doctor, who gave butt injections to Kelly Mayhew, running and leaving her to die, gets sentenced to a year in prison, as judge tells her she got away with murder; Mayhew’s mother plans to take the case overseas

By Bossyy Staff Writer Everything about this situation is messed up, as Donna Francis was sentenced to a year in prison. This follows a 2015 encounter with a woman named Kelly Mayhew, who was looking for butt affordable enhancements. That led to her meeting Donna Francis, big mistake. Kelly Mayhew ordered butt