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NBA Youngboy To Stay In Jail For Two More Months For Violating 2016 Probation After Allegedly Being Involved In Miami Shootout With Tee Grizzley’s Entourage

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer NBA Youngboy has been in jail in his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA after being arrested in Miami during Rolling Loud weekend last month. His entourage was allegedly involved in a shootout with Tee Grizzley's with him possibly being involved. Youngboy's lawyer said that he never

Is Floyd Mayweather’s 19-Year-Old Daughter, Yaya, Pregnant by NBA Youngboy? She Posted and Deleted a Video Showing an Alleged Baby Bump [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer The internet is on fire after Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya, posted and deleted a video of herself looking a little pregnant. Fans are speculating that she is pregnant by her ex, NBA Youngboy. This would explain why she was acting so crazy over him on social media

NBA Youngboy Says He Wish He Would’ve Gotten Shot Instead of 43-Year-Old Man Who Was Killed In The Middle Of Shootout Between Youngboy’s Entourage and Allegedly Tee Grizzley’s

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer NBA Youngboy almost lost his life in the middle of the shootout between his entourage and allegedly Tee Grizzley's last weekend in Miami. At the time, the Rolling Loud festival was going on and both were scheduled to perform. They did each perform but the shootout

Police want to question Fredo Bang over NBA Youngboy shooting, in Miami

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2015, NBA Youngboy has been putting out viral videos, showing his potential to become a star. Finally, NBA Youngboy broke through, with "I Am Who They Say I Am." That single, featuring Quando Rondo and Kevin Gates, is looking like the summer anthem. While NBA Youngboy

Floyd Mayweather’s children throw their iPhones for fun [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer It must be nice, really! Most people save their little pennies up and wind up obliterating their savings account, just to get the new iPhone. While $800 for a phone is a life-altering decision to most, to some it's really just a stone's throw. Floyd Mayweather has amassed

NBA Youngboy and His Entourage Won’t Face Charges In Miami Involving Shootout With Supposedly Tee Grizzley’s Team During #RollingLoud Weekend; Police Say They Acted In Self-Defense [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer The Rolling Loud festival this past weekend in Miami was really crazy. Kodak Black was arrested for gun charges, Lil Wayne didn't perform either because of security issues, inclement weather stopped several performances, and there were multiple gun scares as security supposedly wasn't the best. NBA