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Okafor … Jahlil Okafor led the Pelicans to their first win of the season and Twitter is shocked to see Jahlil is actually back, a good player, having his resurgence, and say he outplayed Nikola Jokic

By Jay Rich Staff Writer During "The Process," the Philadelphia 76ers drafted a lot of players, many of whom were turned into the Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris additions of last season. Some felt that original core, when they came into their own, would be a threat. For a brief period,

#CharlesBarkley wins Twitter for his heroic response to Mike Pence, telling him to “shut the hell up,” in regards to Adam Silver and the NBA’s stance on China #NBAonTNT [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer When he played in the NBA, Charles Barkley was one of the most-outspoken players in the league. This brazen approach to basketball was a stark contrast to the guys like Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler, who dominated that era. For some, it was a major turnoff. Charles

LA sports fans blast Stephen A. and Max Kellerman for trying to push Lakers / Clippers rivalry, agreeing with LeBron, while NBA fans are mad, because they’re still talking about a game from two days ago

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Simply because Los Angeles has two NBA teams, many fans have wanted these teams to have a rivalry. On one side, there are the Lakers, who have a proven history of winning. Then, the Clippers have a history of losing. In the early 2010s, the Clippers changed