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Steph Curry talks mocking LeBron James, telling reporters he’d never hurt anyone’s feelings, and that he likes LeBron’s video, how it made a song popular [VIDEO]

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer This weekend, before a certain R&B singer got into a very tough situation, Steph Curry was all the talk. See, almost everybody forgot about that, right? At Harrison Barnes' wedding, Steph did what looked like an imitation of LeBron James' workout video, as Kyrie laughed.

Wilson Chandler addresses Kyrie Irving for laughing at Steph Curry clowning LeBron James … “That Kyrie video remind me of how ppl sit around and let ppl talk crazy about they own mans”

By G Moniy HHV Sports Contributing Writer This morning, Steph Curry took over social media, when a video of him cutting up went viral. He was at a wedding, with a few of his NBA buddies, as one of their own was getting married. From the way it looked, Curry was making