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Brittany B is getting dragged by #LHHH fans on Twitter, again, as they say she can’t sing like Lyrica, call her petty, clown her teeth, and say she seems mad at everyone

By Bossyy Staff Writer For whatever reason, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" audience is not receptive to Brittany B. Introduced as an exec, Brittany B is actually an artist, herself. She is also a part of K. Michelle's camp, one of Moniece's friends, but shading her, while trying to beef

Moniece announces she’s stopped filming for “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” and that she’s not going to the reunion, 100% done with the show #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer All season long, on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" season six, Moniece has been out here looking crazy. From even before the season started, Moniece warned fans that she'd look crazy. Blaming the editing, she said this was why she decided to leave the show. Still, Moniece filmed

Brittany B is being DRAGGED by #LHHH fans on Twitter for being a hater and messing with messy people, plus being an executive, but hosting an event in a bowling alley + Zell called her the biggest highlighter he’s ever seen

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, Brittany B was doing the most, but there's surely more to her than just this one aspect. But, "Love & Hip Hop" viewers are known for being very hostile. So far, so bad, with Brittany B, as she's been coming for everybody not named K. Michelle. Throughout

Moniece claims she is officially done with #LHHH season six, says she only agreed to Apryl scenes to promote her music, which wasn’t even showcased, also accusing VH1 of putting her replies on questions she refused to answer [PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Following her "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stint, Moniece claimed she was done with VH1, and the franchise. She said she would have some appearances on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," her native show. These appearances, though, would be her last ones. So far, into season six, Moniece

K. Michelle is HILARIOUS with this drama with Apryl, Moniece, and Fizz, first saying Apryl kissed Fizz, and then saying she went from the lead singer to the one who barely opens his mouth #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Call it whatever, K. Michelle was being MESSY, MESS-E! Remember, her reality TV start came in "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," where she was besties with Karlie Redd. But, K. Michelle had her own messy with her, too, like everybody does. In the case of Lil Fizz and

Apryl had a lot to say about what she was gonna do when she saw Moniece; Twitter gives Moniece props for hugging it out, but draggs Apryl, even saying Omarion’s mom is vindicated #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer This season, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" drama is at an all-time high, with Lil Fizz being with Apryl, despite her being Omarion's baby mama, Moniece, and the tour. All of that drama wasn't even involving the A1/Lyrica drama. Heading into this season, Apryl spoke a