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Mimi confides in Pooh about Stevie and Ty, but #LHHATL fans are trashing Mimi for even entertaining Pooh, calling her boring, and also said they wouldn’t buy any of Pooh’s makeup

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the seven years the world has known Mimi Faust, she has had trouble in the romance department. It looked like she and Stevie J were making a go of things, but then he left her for Joseline. Then, Mimi dealt with people like Nikko. After the whole

Erica and Tommie might really become a thing, out here; #LHHATL fans are here for it, even though they agree with Yung Joc, that they might end up feelin’ each other, or killin’ each other + Why does Tommie keep calling her “Mena?”

By Ricki Says Staff Writer As per the previews for the next "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" episode, there definitely was the moment when Erica Mena made her play for Tommie. That moment intrigued Yung Joc and he enjoyed every minute of it. But, Erica would soon share a sweet kiss

Erica Mena and Tommie? Previews of next week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” show Erica trying to bag Tommie, but she’s having flashbacks of Joseline #LHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This week saw something happen that many began to believe the world would never see again. But, the game changed, when Erica Mena made her return to "Love & Hip Hop." Already, Erica Mena has been back on VH1, doing "Scared Famous." Erica Mena returned to "Love

Mimi decided it was her turn to be messy, seeing how she set up the whole fight with Karlie Redd and Estelita and #LLHATL fans are here for it, but they’re done with her implants

By Ricki Says Staff Writer No one is touching Karlie Redd in the messy department. Every episode, Karlie proves this, recently getting Mimi when she linked her up with Melissa in Jamaica. Using her exact words against her, Mimi linked Karlie with Estelita, Stevie J's new artist. 286380

Estelita is out here gossiping with the girls, when she should be in the studio; #LHHATL fans think she’s done after this season + What happened to her accent?

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Dang, this girl, Estelita, has only been on the show for one full episode, and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans already going in on her. Tonight saw her mixing with the ladies, meeting Tammy, Rasheeda, and Mimi. She would later meet Melissa and Karlie. 282117

Jessica Dime and this flip flop over Joseline got #LHHATL fans mad at her, the exact word is “dislike”… They say she’s the type to chill with the friend and the enemy

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Ever since Jessica Dime joined "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," she has been fixated on Joseline. Initially hoping to reunite with Joseline and resume their friendship, Dime got turned down. Because of that, she became a thorn in Joseline's side. 280878