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Lee Daniels is fighting for “Star” to be brought back for another season, after it was cancelled: “I’m not letting them STOP the culture” [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Every Wednesday night, "STAR" is the leading trending topic, and the stars of the show have become household names. Led by Jude DeMorest, Brittany O'Grady, and Ryan Destiny, "STAR" is a critically-acclaimed show. Veteran, Queen Latifah, plays their mother figure. "STAR" has an all-star cast, but none of

HHV Exclusive: Ryan Destiny talks recording music while still on #STAR, obsessive fans, dating Keith Powers, his fans, and more

 By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Even though FOX's "STAR" is led by Jude DeMorest, Ryan Destiny was almost instantly the show's breakout star. The popular actress plays the role of Alex and the people fell for her. Paired opposite of Quincy, who is Derek, they immediately stole the show. This past season,

Donnell Jones is trending on Twitter, after Noah (Luke James) did a cover of “Where I Wanna Be,” but #STAR said he recorded it 3 days ago, and fans say he “f*cked it up”

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Tonight, "STAR" also returned for the second part of its second season, and it also has drama. Fans may remember Cotton (Amiyah Scott) being "killed" by Omari. As television viewers, that was too easy for a main character to be killed off. Elsewhere, Star (Jude DeMorest) and