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Trick Daddy gets arrested for driving under the influence and cocaine possession, roasted by Twitter over his haircut, which looks like it was uncompleted, in his mugshot #LHHMIA

By Bossyy Staff Writer Many artists had dominating runs, in the early 2000s, Trick Daddy among them. He debuted in 1998 and he had strong success, initially gaining traction, working with Uncle Luke. In 1998, he went solo, after dominating the Miami streets, and he was successful. Trick Daddy enjoyed success and,

Trina explains why her album got taken down from streaming services and it was all because of Julian, who knew her mom was dying; Twitter has no love for Julian #LHHMIA

By Bossyy Staff Writer What Trina has brought to the game inspired a generation and her style is currently owning the radio. Late 2018/early 2019 was Yung Miami's time to shine. Everything about Yung Miami and JT, City Girls, is definitely Trina-inspired. Megan Thee Stallion ended up being 2019's major breakout artist

Shay gets blasted by Twitter, called “selfish,” “annoying,” and “childish,” with fans asking why she’s even on the show, and offering to go up there to slap her, after she went off on Amara over Jojo #LHHMIA

By Bossyy Staff Writer Last season, "Love & Hip Hop Miami" had the EXACT same drama going on between Shay and Amara La Negra, over Jojo. At the time, it was clear Jojo and Amara were growing apart. It was Shay who informed Amara that Jojo was talking about her behind