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Lakeshia Rideau, of Opelousas, Louisiana, sees her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend, and runs her over with her car, fleeing the scene in a hit-and-run

By Bossyy Staff Writer This may very well be a case of fatal attraction, right here. A part of being young is going out and making relationships. Some are only friendship and some are romantic and, in both cases, sometimes these relationships don't always work out. Normally, unless things turn out very

African-American seventh grade Louisiana girl is threatened by two Caucasian girls, who threatened to kill her; Mother says school is not taking the threats seriously, due to race

By M.A.C. Staff Writer When a child is in trouble, the parents, especially a mother, will always come to the rescue. Especially when their child is singled out, a good mother will do all she can to save them. For Crystal Alexander, this isn't a hypothetical, it is real life. Crystal Alexander

Baton Rouge police officers won’t be charged in the shooting of Alton Sterling, as per Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General #AltonSterling #RIPAltonSterling [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Sometimes, it feels like there's no justice in the world. Things happen, for no reason, and people who did nothing wrong are forced to suffer someone else's consequences. This is the reason that hip hop was created and this is why most rappers brag and stunt so

Boosie gets put on blast by his baby mama, when he posts on IG his support for NBA Youngboy, against BS charges; She told him he tried to bring the same charges against her

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Often, people from Baton Rouge, and the entire Louisiana, refer to hometown rapper, Boosie, as their Tupac. When he was sentenced to prison, they often said that. In the overall Southern hip hop scene, Boosie has one of the biggest fan bases. With Boosie being such a

NBA YoungBoy addresses Gee Money on “Pour One,” saying he once called him his “big brother,” until he slept with his sister, threw it in his face, and gave her some kind of disease

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The sad thing about beefs is how some people say it's only beef when it gets violent. Following comments like those, usually a person ends up getting killed. A prime example, although no one has died, is the situation with Yo Gotti and Young Dolph. But, in Louisiana,