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Keyshia Cole found happiness with Niko Khale and fans on Twitter say they are happy for her, offering congratulations + Love a positive reality TV show with family and praying #KeyshiaColeMyNewLife

By Bossyy Staff Writer Long before it was a thing for artists to be on reality TV, Keyshia Cole was out here doing reality shows with her own family. In that regard, she was doing it before Kim Kardashian. It's overlooked, now, but from 2007-2009, Keyshia Cole owned the R&B game. Keyshia

La’Tecia Thomas, model and popular social media figure, shows off a huge ring, and says she’s engaged; Rumor has it that Lil Wayne is her soon-to-be husband [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Much attention has been given to Ashley Graham for being a "real" woman with "real curves." A major irony is that while real curvy women are shamed for their bodies, women are spending good money, and risking their lives for curves. Those curves, in turn, are idolized. Ashley

Khia has her van on the back of a tow truck and Twitter is clowning her, thinking it’s the repo man repossessing her promo van, but it’s actually Triple A (AAA) Roadside Assistance

By Bossyy Staff Writer Few artists have the kind of legacy that Khia has, as she should have been an afterthought a long time ago. Like many others, she is really a one hit wonder. However, despite the frequent criticisms, Khia managed to turn herself into a legend off that one

DJ Drama gets aired out by @debakii, his girlfriend, who accuses him of beating her on vacation, and biting her hand, showing bite marks, referring to Drama as a “f*cking woman beater,” showing him in the background [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Just when DJ Drama is preparing to make his return, with new music, he finds himself facing major accusations. In this feminist era, men are being held accountable, now, more than ever before. However, the likelihood of being wrongfully accuses is also increasing. DJ Drama is a beloved

Wiley, popular UK rapper, accuses Drake of preventing his song from coming out, blasts OVO Sound, tells artists not to sign there, and warns Drake to not come back to England

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Being on top of the game as long as Drake has definitely opens the door for criticism. The Toronto rapper began taking over the game, early in 2009, and made his official debut in 2010. That span of time, since then, has seen Drake play by

Safaree becomes Twitter’s number one trending topic, after someone posts Nicki Minaj’s first #VMAs performance, where he’s a background dancer, and the video went viral; Fans say Safaree was really riding for her #MTVVMAs

By Bossyy Staff Writer Of course, the world knows Safaree, now, but he spent years in the background. He was the quiet guy with Nicki Minaj and the world didn't know much about him. Most didn't realize he was actually Nicki's longtime boyfriend. Nicki Minaj, instead, was flirtatious with Drake and Lil