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Boosie shoots his shot at Rihanna, saying he’s going to tell his kids she was his first, and then shares fantasy story of winning $1 billion lottery, buying a jet, and picking her up [PHOTO + VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Nearly every rapper making any kind of noise, in this era, rose from the mixtape scene. Most artists have that to fall back on, if their career doesn't sustain. However, not many of them are able to live comfortably solely off that. Boosie is the exception to that

Boosie just had the wildest IG Live, which has taken over Twitter, as he threw a topless pool party, since his kids were gone, also hilariously ends Live with an underage girl (“IT’S A KID, BLOCK EM”), and spreads butter on his sandwich with his finger

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Every time Boosie gets on IG, he goes live, and he always has something wild going on. Unlike some of these rappers, who honestly are trying too hard, Boosie is actually funny. His stuff is entertaining, without him trying to be entertaining. Literally, Boosie said that his