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Cardi B explains defending Offset, after she turned down his reunion proposal at #RollingLoud, explaining that he’s still her daughter’s father, but they are not getting back together [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer In 2017, before Cardi B gained fame as an artist, she was still best-known for being on "Love & Hip Hop." On the heels of her signing with Atlantic Records, Cardi B linked with Offset for a single. The track was called "Lick" and it was

Cardi B disses Offset, during “Bartier Cardi” performance, at #iHeartJingleBall, sticking up her middle finger, when she mentions Offset’s name

 By @MinneeTellsItAll Staff Writer What was more improbable than Cardi B going from "Love & Hip Hop" to the top of the charts was her staying there. Following her first season on the show, Cardi B said her second season was her last. That season was all about Cardi establishing herself

@thesummerbunni is reportedly the lady Offset wanted in the alleged planned threesome with Cuban Doll and this girl was in 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj’s #FEFE music video [PHOTO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Early last year, Cardi B made a big move, deciding she was done with reality TV, and doing music full-time. Going for a hit, she linked with one of the Migos, Offset, for "Lick," her first major label single. The ingredients were there for a hit,

Cardi B replies to Nicki Minaj implying she paid for her number one records, pointing out that she dropped “Lick,” as soon as Atlantic signed her, and it flopped, while sharing her current songs on the charts [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Ultimately, Cardi B has come in the game, and done what no other female rapper has been able to do. There was a void that no other artist, male or female, was able to fill that she did. At the same time, none of this takes away

Offset cheated on Cardi B, as hacker got into his iCloud, and leaked videos; Twitter drags him for cheating on Cardi B, especially when she + Cardi B follows Tommy IG [PHOTOS AND FULL VIDEO OF GIRL INCLUDED]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Early this year, Migos were on top of the game, but the only member with name recognition was Quavo. However, Cardi B turned to Offset for "Lick," her first single. The song did enough to establish Cardi B as a real artist. Not long after "Lick," there

Cardi B owns a hater who tells her she and Offset aren’t good artists, telling them they have number ones on Billboard and asks him what does he have besides an air mattress [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Currently, Cardi B and Offset are hip hop's hottest couple. Before anyone gets upset, Jay-Z and Beyonce are forever goals, but right now, it's all about Cardi B and Offset. These two have cemented their legacy with the "MotorSport" music video. Cardi B is currently the hottest