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Delonte West shows up in video where he is clearly cracked out and arrested, proclaiming he is President Trump; Twitter demands the NBA and LeBron James to help him, because of his mental health issues [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Before LeBron James originally left the Cleveland Cavaliers, when he signed with the Miami Heat, word was Delonte West, his teammate, had an affair with his mother. Once LeBron left, the Cavs immediately became the NBA's worst team. West was one of their best players. A serviceable

Jae Crowder gets roasted on Twitter for getting upset with Tristan Thompson, getting him ejected, for spanking him, as fans say he must be insecure about his sexuality to get mad over a butt slap [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Halfway into the season, the Memphis Grizzlies are the surprise team of the NBA. Coming into the season, the Grizzlies were expected to be among the NBA's worst teams. Instead, Ja Morant has them competing for a playoff spot. The Cleveland Cavaliers, meanwhile, are just as bad

Kim Kardashian stood up to boo Tristan Thompson at the free-throw line, sitting courtside at the Lakers’ game, against the Cavs [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Exactly where Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson currently stand is unknown. What is known is that Tristan Thompson put Khloe through it. In 2018, a sextape leaked that showed Tristan having relations with another woman. Cheating was bad enough, but cheating right after Khloe gave birth to

Dwight Howard being called for flagrant foul for tough play against Kleber has Twitter calling the NBA soft, blasting the replay, and going in on the refs #LALvsDAL

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Los Angeles Lakers are the success story of the NBA, this season, as LeBron James finally got his squad. Though injuries have been a bit of a nagging issue, Anthony Davis is his newest running mate. But, the surprise of the 2020 Lakers is Dwight

Hope AD: Anthony Davis went down hard on his tailbone, leading to another injury, and #Lakers Twitter hopes Davis only has a minor injury [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Last season, even before LeBron James' injury, the Los Angeles Lakers were a fringe playoff team, at best. Competition was just too stiff, so when LeBron went down, so did the Lakers' playoff chances. The offseason saw LA retool, trading for Anthony Davis. Immediately, LeBron and AD