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LeBron James calls out the part-owner of the Golden State Warriors for shoving Kyle Lowry, when he fell into the crowd, in #Game3, demanding something be done about it [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Already, most people seem to be rooting for the Toronto Raptors, over the Golden State Warriors. A team that was always heavily favored over the LeBron James-led, Cleveland Cavaliers, that's tough. Then, for the first time, the Warriors are giving up home court advantage. Not only do

Toronto Raptors’ logo was mistakenly replaced by the Houston Rockets’ “R” logo, during Game 2 of the #NBAFinals broadcast [PHOTO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Through its history, the Toronto Raptors have always been an overlooked franchise. Aside from the Vince Carter era, the Raptors were never truly relevant. Before the Chris Bosh era could truly begin, he bolted for Miami. It wasn't until DeMar DeRozan took over, and Kyle Lowry joined,

Game 6 Klay has come up huge in #Game2, sparking huge run from 3rd Quarter Warriors, that has the Raptors on the ropes, and Twitter thinks this series might be 1-1, going back to Oracle

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Golden State Warriors were considered, by some, to be DOA, after losing Game 1. To many, the Raptors' dominating Game 1 win was proof the Warriors couldn't win the title, without Kevin Durant. This is in spite of the Warriors nearly winning two titles without

LeBron James’ 14-Year-Old Son Bronny Wilds Out On First Day Back On Instagram While Gaining 1 Million Followers In 24 Hours – “These B*tches Don’t Give a F*ck About a N*gga. F*ck These H*es” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer LeBron James' 14-year-old son and superstar ball player Bronny is back on Instagram after his pops got him off of social media. He now has 1 million followers in 24 hours. He did post a video that has people criticizing him heavily as he went off

Giannis Antetokounmpo walks out of postgame interview, with Khris Middleton, after reporter repeats a question about experience, leaving Middleton with the WTF face #MILvsTOR [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Tonight, and in Game 5, inexperience caught up with the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a very good team, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo, which has the NBA's best record, this season. Very likely, Giannis will win the league's MVP, this year, too. But, the Toronto Raptors have more