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Supa Cent showed her dramatic weight loss on IG, but showed her surgical scars, down to her groin, causing Twitter to erupt with backlash, accusing her of sharing too much, and being too open + Calling her doctors

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the world of business, Supa Cent has definitely defied all of the odds, as she made $1 million in one day, on Black Friday, last year. The social media figure did what Kylie Jenner and Rihanna did. One major difference, though, Supa Cent did it first. While

Tokyo Toni announced she is getting her own reality show on Zeus Network, following her breakout presence on Blac Chyna’s show [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Unlike most, Tokyo Toni didn't wait for the spotlight to come to her, she took it. The same could be said for Blac Chyna, who strategically placed herself, while with Tyga, and after they split. As Tyga moved on with Kylie Jenner, the sister of Chyna's then-bestie,

E News is Getting A Black History Lesson After They Credited Kim and Kylie For Making One-Legged Leotards The Next Fashion Trend [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer E! News is getting dragged for crediting Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner with making the one-legged leotard a new fashion trend.  They quickly got a black history lesson by social media users. Many people reminded E! News that black women like, Flo Jo, have made the one-legged leotard

Jada Pinkett Smith explains why she interviewed Jordyn Woods for #RedTableTalk, saying she needed the platform, so she gave it to her, and she was happy, in the end, because Jordy was happy [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer In the middle of the Jordyn Woods scandal, with Tristan Thompson, it seemed as if the media was out to get her. Already known for cheating on Khloe Kardashian, Tristan reportedly kissed Jordy, at a party. The world knew Jordy best as Kylie Jenner's best friend. Wildly enough,

James Harden spotted with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s ex-best friend, and the woman at the center of the Tristan Thompson scandal [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer As everyone knows, Jordyn Woods got on the bad side of her best friend, Kylie Jenner's, big sister, Khloe Kardashian. The scandal was her kissing Tristan Thompson. Most know, Thompson is the father of the baby, True, Khloe's child, and he's her boyfriend. Before Tristan Thompson, James Harden

Kim Kardashian Shades The Hell Out Of Jordyn Woods in New #KUWTK Episode: “Kylie, she provides for her whole family off of what you have given her” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer You can always count on The Kardashians to drag a situation out on their show for ratings. Last night’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ centered around the sisters finding out that Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson kissed. In the clip below, you can see Kim Kardashian

Kylie Jenner Gets Dragged For Promoting Her Kylie Skin Face Wash With a Filter On; Fans Call Her Out For Not Washing Her Face Properly and Still Having Foundation on The Towel [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Kylie Jenner might want to take a few notes from Rihanna on how to market her product, because sis is getting dragged every time she uploads a video. Kylie posted a video of herself “washing” her face with her new foaming face wash. She covers her face in