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Yandy is calling Mendeecees her husband, are they married? Twitter is skeptical, also how Yandy mentioned the crime she said she didn’t know about, and that it’s not a rumor, it’s law with a foster child #LHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, Yandy is doing the most, something "Love & Hip Hop" fans say she's always doing. The episode began with good news for her, with her fiance, Mendeecees, coming home. When he went to prison, in 2015, Yandy wanted to marry him before he went. Given her relationship

#LHHNY’s Kimbella Announces That Juelz Santana Will Be Home Next Year

By Ashley Te'Arra Hip-Hop Reality News Writer It looks like Juelz Santana is getting ready to dip out of jail soon. According to the Dipset rapper's missus, Kimbella, he'll actually be coming home next year! "F*ck out of here, 2019!! Summer 2020 my HUSBAND be home," she excitedly wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Kimbella and Chrissy get trashed for linking up to hate on Yandy, as Twitter accuses them of using her for a storyline, saying Kim needs her a** beat again, and how she can hang with a person who beat her up, all over this “beef” #LHHNY

By Bossyy Staff Writer Still, for longtime "Love & Hip Hop" viewers, seeing Kimbella hanging out with Chrissy is weird. Her citing the "Dipset connection" as her reasoning didn't really equate with fans, either. But, since 2015, Kimbella and Yandy's friendship has gone back and forth. In 2015, Kimbella took offense at

Yandy gets dragged by Twitter for being messy and #LHHNY fans say they can’t rock with her, but they’re not here for Kimbella throwing their friendship away for Chrissy, when she beat her, and Yandy was her sister

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, Yandy is the one that the people are upset with. Out of all of the OGs, Yandy is the only one who didn't leave the show. Entering during season two, Yandy was initially just a side person, as the show starred Jim Jones and Chrissy. Not long

Kimbella IS pregnant and it’s a BOY! #LHHNY fans flood Twitter, pointing out Yandy’s face when she announced, and how Kimbella just got married, and is having a kid with her husband, Juelz, facing two years in prison

By Bossyy Contributing Writer Always doing the most, Kimbella kicked off the "Love & Hip Hop" reunion with an announcement. All season, she has had beef with Yandy, her ex-best friend. But, Kimbella and Juelz Santana confirmed rumors of the two expecting a child. Kimbella always seemed to be right by Yandy's